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Tutis Technology was formed to develop solutions to protect digital content and improve security against sophisticated cyber criminals. The Company has developed three unique application platforms that provide a multitude of custom solutions for the end user. All three are based upon our core boot loader technology designed for deployment on USB or SD based devices (BYOD). 

Cyber Security Solutions


Tutis Technology specializes in the development of boot loader technology to enhance cross platform compatibility. Specifically, it relates to improved implementation in the following areas:

  • · Reduction in Productivity Loss due to Mobile Device Failures
  • · Secure Mobile Work Space Environment
  • · Replacement of Pre-Existing storage devices
  • · Improved End User Support
  • · Improved Customer Service and Reduced Opportunity Loss


  There are a number of competitors in the WTG market providing certified hardware while providing little in the way of value added software. In the virus removal and scanning space there are a large number of competitors, however there is no one currently using our multi-tiered approach. Competition includes:Secure Direct Boot Loader Technology

  • T-Cell Pre-Boot Media Storage Scanning
  • T-Cell Pre-Boot Firmware and Hardware Backdoor Identifier 
  • Cloud Based Analysis Services 


Pre_boot Scanning


Pre-Boot scanning solution, capable of conducting a low level virus scan on all internal firmware, backdoors and storage media prior to the operating system being loaded, eliminating virus and malware while they are unable to defend themselves providing impenetrable protection against viruses and malware.

The scan results are provided in a simple colour coded sequence

  • Green – ‘Boot’ indicates no known threats
  • Amber – ‘Caution’ low level threats exist
  • Red – ‘Stop’ halts the system and stops it from booting the internal operating system and causes it to boot the (Direct Boot’s) secure operating system

VPN Secure


VPNSecure was developed for VPN providers who are looking to increase revenues through the introduction of hardware- based solutions. VPNSecure is available on two platforms, WTG and Ubuntu 14.10 LTS. Each of these platforms is fully integrated into our Direct Boot application and supports native platforms such as Windows, Macintosh and Linux. The WTG platform offers a portable Windows 8 desktop for VPN users.



he Tutis Direct Boot solution will provide the least expensive, cross platform mobile computing solutions to date. With superior security solutions and the ability to integrate to cloud and networking solutions, the Tutis Direct Boot is an obvious solution for mobile workforces, independent travellers, security conscious consultants and cost- sensitive groups such as school classes. 

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